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Find exactly what you’re looking for with Cinnamon Jacks™ cereal. Play games and wake up to a Cinnabration.


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Cinnamon Beach

CinnaMon™ has found the legendary Cinnamon Jacks™ treasures, but the island’s mighty waves still roar! Help CinnaMon™ outrun the tide to bring his cinnamon treasures to safety!

Crowd Surfer

CinnaMon™ is crowdsurfing at the Cinnabration! Keep CinnaMon™ in the air by bouncing off the Cinnamon Jacks™ in the crowd.


CinnaMon™ is stuck inside another of Dr. Drab's evil contraptions. Help him escape before Dr. Drab steals his cinna-licious flavor.

Big Chill Trails

Help CinnaMon™ race through the snow to get to the Cinnamon Jacks™ cereal pieces at the end of the trail before Cinnabominable! Watch out for flying snowballs!

Icicle Hop

Play Icicle Hop and hop to the highest heights for delicious Cinnamon Jacks™ cereal!

Sand Shuffle

Make the longest conga line by picking up dancing Cinnamon Jacks™ on the beach.